For the Technician

JR Denttools | JR Dent Tools

The Dent Mirror

How the Dentmirror does show you the money
when you as TECHNICIAN repair a car!

The Easy To Handle And Foldable Dentmirror Helps You!

  • Usable with all types of DAYLIGHT either a blue or grey sky
  • All dents are visible in seconds as soon you hold the DENTMIRROR over the car or truck
  • All dents including the smallest ones are counted
  • The exact impact and size of a dent Is visible
  • Easy documentation of all dents with a camera to show the real size of dents and unaccounted dent
  • You get paid for all dents
  • You can charge the right size of the dent, Instead for a dime now for a 1/2 dollar size
  • The exact size documentation is a time saver in discussions with an insurance adjuster, owner or body shop manager
You now charge for all dents in the right size!
Exact documentation avoids any discussion! Your invoice reflects your work done.